Is it Safe Riding A Two-Wheeler During Pregnancy?

Your baby is generally well protected in your belly, but traveling by two wheeler can still be hazardous if you get into an accident. Two Wheeler riding should be avoided during pregnancy. Its is because heavy traffic, sad condition of the roads with multiple potholes and  the atmosphere  you want to riding.  The Bumpy ride poses a problem even when you are driving in a any vehicle whether its bike, car or auto rickshaw.  Two wheeler rides are very much unsafe  and risky then car or auto rickshaws.

Here are the 8 Safety Tips  When You Ride On A Two-Wheeler During Pregnancy

  1. Always wear a helmet, whether you are riding the bike, or sitting pillion.
  2. Try to avoid peak hour traffic in the morning or evening. Not only will the ride be more difficult and time-consuming,  Also being out in the sun and smoke for long time is not advisable during pregnancy.
  3. Always pick a road you are familiar with, so you can anticipate the road humps and potholes ahead and will not encounter either of them out of blue
  4. While this is not always possible, make sure you know where the nearest hospital or medical center is, on the route you are taking. This way, if you feel unwell in between, you know where to go.
  5. Keep a water bottle in the two-wheeler so that you do not become dehydrated when out for long
  6. Avoid riding in the rain. Also, avoid riding just after the rain when the road is wet and slippery.
  7. During winters, early morning and late evening, there would be mist and fog which can lower your visibility  So avoid riding in fog or low visibility.
  8. Try to avoid long drives during the afternoon, when the sun is ablaze, especially during summers.

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