Fun ways to celebrate New year Eve when your pregnant

With a bloated belly, swollen feet and other problems that plague one during pregnancy it’s completely out of the question. There is no reason to miss out on spending quality time with your friends and loved ones this New Year’s Eve just because you’re pregnant. These alternative ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve can be as much fun, if not more, than the crazy parties of your college days!

1. Have a party at home

Host a party at your home and bring in the New Year with close family and friends, and create a theme based party like pajamas party, pirates theme etc.  There are many different ideas to enjoy house party, call all your friends and even relatives to your place for a get-together and request each one of them to bring their own dish or Invite your friends over for a dinner party, and create a menu based around chocolate, from appetizers like chocolate covered potato chips to main course with chocolate flavoring. Since many pregnant women crave chocolate, this is a perfect match.

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2. Movie Night

Invite your friends or relatives over for a night at the movies! Line your floor and couches with lots of comfy pillows and serve bowls of movie theater threats. Rent or download the latest new release for your screening and, for fun, play a trivia game before you start the movie to give your party the feel or a real movie. You could also indulge and order a pizza since it’s the holiday season.

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3.Go on a short vacation:

If you feel up to it and you’ve got your doctor’s permission, there’s nothing like going on a short vacation or weekend trip with your significant other to welcome in the New Year. Many spas, hotels, and B&BS offer New Year’s Eve special rates and packages, and some even have events to help you ring in the New Year without any preparation or planning.

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4. Enroll in any online course

Pregnancy is the perfect time for you to take up a course in something you have always been interested. New Year’s is the perfect time to motivate yourself to learn something new and different which could help add more skills and value to your life in the coming year like learning a new language or subject of your interest.

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5. Start writing Journals or letters for unborn baby

If partying or travelling is just not your idea of fun, you still need not sit idle at home during New Year’s. Maintain a journal, you will get the clarity and insight from writing regularly. Once you are comfortable, write a heartfelt letter to your unborn child and try to express your vision, thoughts, views and feelings in that letter during your peaceful New Year’s at home.

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