10 Common Myths About Pregnancy

1. Pregnant women should stay away from seafood.

Eating lots of fish like (Salmon, Sardines, and Shrimp) is good for mothers-to-be; it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA, which studies show have a variety of benefits for pregnant women and their fetus. Children whose mothers ate at least twelve ounces of seafood a week during pregnancy had higher verbal IQ, better social and communication skills, and superior motor skills, according to a study published in a leading journal.

If you enjoy oysters, mussels and other shellfish, you’ll need to make sure that they’re well-cooked if you want to keep eating them during pregnancy. Raw shellfish may be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause food poisoning.

2. Pregnant women should avoid exercise.

Exercise during pregnancy is well recognized as being both a safe and beneficial practice for mother and fetus. Pregnant women who are physically active have heart rates that are slower and more variable; both signs of cardiovascular health. . The babies of exercisers have lower birth weights, and may even become more intelligent adults because of their bigger brains.

There are few exercises that pregnant women should away from it like Sports that carry a higher risk of falling or abdominal injury, Exercises that involve lying on your back.

3. Pregnant women shouldn’t eat sweets.

There’s a big exception to this rule: chocolate. Chocolate is perfectly safe for most pregnant women—in moderation. In fact, there’s some evidence that eating chocolate during pregnancy could lower your risk of preeclampsia (the dangerous high blood pressure condition ).

But you don’t want to overdo it for two reasons. Number one is that eating lots of chocolate will make you less hungry for other healthy foods you need for a balanced diet. Chocolate also tends to be high in calories and can contribute to an unhealthy weight gain.

The second reason is that chocolate contains caffeine. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women keep their caffeine intake below 200 milligrams (mg) a day.

4. Pregnant women should avoid hot bath.

It’s fine to take baths while you’re pregnant as long as the water isn’t too hot. Pregnant woman should avoid saunas, Jacuzzi or anything that raises your body temperature over 102 .2 degrees.

5. Pregnant women should away from stress.

Research shows that Moderate level of stress is actually good for the fetus: It tones the fetus’s nervous system and accelerates its development.

6. Pregnant women cannot pet cat.

It’s perfectly fine to be around cats when you’re pregnant, but you do need to be very careful about cleaning the litter box.  You shouldn’t change your cat’s litter box during pregnancy because of the risk of toxoplasmosis.  If you get toxoplasmosis while you’re pregnant, or even a few months before you conceive, it can cause serious birth defects such as eye and brain damage.

7. Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee.

Actually, you can enjoy a brew, but you need to watch quantity. Too much caffeine(also found in tea, cola and chocolate) can increase your risk of miscarriage. The NHS recommends a limit of 200mg a day of caffeine, the equivalent of two mugs of instant coffee.

8. Walking makes labor go faster.

It might make you feel better but there’s no activity that’s going to bring on labor.

9. A bigger baby is a better baby.

The average baby weighs about 7.5 lbs. Babies that are much bigger than that are more likely to suffer from diabetes and obesity in later life.

10. Pregnant women should eat for two.

Carrying a baby actually only requires 300 extra calories a day. So technically you should be eating for about one and a fifth. If you do eat for two, you’ll end up with a bigger baby, which reminds the mommy docs of another fable


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